x33fcon Conference

In April 2017 i have attended x33fcon in Gdynia Poland. x33fcon was a two-day conference and it was promoted as a purple teaming conference and it lived up to its title. Gdynia is part of the tricities (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot) in the south coast of the Baltic Sea and it is an ideal place for a conference as it is quiet and you can focus more on the conference rather on what is happening outside.

IMG 0112

The conference was held at the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park located at a walking distance from the city center.

IMG 0133

What interested me the most for attending the conference was the speakers lineup which included Rob Fuller (@mubix) my good friend Nikhil Mittal (@nikhil_mitt) and Daniel Bohannon (danielhbohannon) amongst other great speakers.

IMG 0126

There is not much to say about @mubix magic and all presentations where truly very good and technical but the one that was an eye opener for me was the one by Aaron Wade.

“Enhancing your threat Simulation: How to look less like a pentester and more like a threat actor – A Defender’s perspective”

I look forward for the 2nd x33fcon which will definitely be improved and draw even a bigger crowd.